Whether you’re a working girl, going to a special event, or just simply don’t have time for touchups throughout the day, we all want out makeup to last the day when we need it to. After all, why go through all the effort of getting your makeup perfect if it’s just going to fade away? Enter Make Up For Ever’s *Mist and Fix.

As someone who has had very little experience with setting sprays (I typically only need my makeup to last 8 hours at most), I was very impressed with what lie in this translucent bottle. A light fresh scent, superfine mist and a practically undetectable finish, the Mist and Fix is definitely something I’ve gotten on board with.

Since using it I’ve noticed that my skin looks more hydrated, eyeshadows are more vibrant, and most importantly…it lasts. Just as it claims, Make Up For Ever’s Mist and Fix lasts a good 12 hours, perfect for those long days during work or travel.

If you’re worried about the scent or feel, you needn’t be. It’s fragrance disappears within a couple of minutes or so and the slightly tacky feeling of the spray (sort of film-like) dries almost instantly.What’s more is that the Mist and Fix is suitable for all skin types (three cheers for sensitive skinned girls), is dermatologist tested and alcohol-free!

Of course this isn’t something you will need everyday, but I’ve been loving this on work days to keep my skin looking fresh and glowing. I know I’m going to love this product even more in the hotter months too, when it will be perfect for providing a sweat-proof barrier.

Do you use setting sprays? What’s your favourite?

xx -b.

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