Last week I announced that there is to be a Poppy Barley Popup Shop coming to Calgary and today I’m coming at you with more from the brands Summer Collection! The lovely ladies at Poppy Barley have provided me with my choice of shoe to style for todays post and although it took me a while to choose, I instantly gravitated towards the blue suede shoes…how could I resist?

The Strappy Sandals are the first sandal made by the brand and I am absolutely loving the lady like vibe to them. They come in a variety of patterns to choose from, but of course the words limited edition had me instantly needing the azul suede and cheetah print ones. I’m already picturing the countless ways I will wear them this Summer!

Poppy Barley Summer 2015
Poppy Barley Summer 2015
One thing I really appreciate is that even though the shoes are brand spankin’ new, they were instantly comfortable from the get-go. Usually I have to set myself up for a world of pain when breaking in new leather shoes, but that was so not the case here. My guy and I spent a good four hours strolling around downtown snapping photos and running errands and there was not one blister was to be seen!

I’ve paired my new shoes with pieces from local boutique, Adorn, wearing denim Free People shorts and a billowy zipped top…and of course what outfit would be complete without some great accessories? The statement necklace photographed above is made by local designer, Dorian Kitsch of CoutuKitsch. If you haven’t guessed, I’m really into my local shops haha.

Ready to nab your own dreamy Poppy Barley’s? Be sure to visit Chinook Centre from June 18th to 21st and visit their popup shop! In collaboration with #PARKSHOP, Poppy Barley will be sold among many other local designers for a limited time. You are not going to want to miss out on this one. Even if you don’t buy anything, I highly suggest visiting to see what is offered and of course, to show support for your local designers.

Hope to see you there!

xx -b.