This last Friday marked my twenty-seventh birthday. How did I get this old? God only knows. Though I haven’t quite reached the age where I start to feel uncomfortable about people knowing how old I am, I have noticed one thing…time moves really fast! Groundbreaking I know. But honestly, sometimes I hear myself talking about things in the past feeling as though they happened only a couple of years ago and am shocked to realize in actuality that I’m reminiscing about things a decade past. Truly mind-boggling people!

*Brittany Messner - Life, Set Sail
Brittany Messner - Life, Set Sail
Sometimes I feel sad about the things I’ve left behind, whether it be wishing I did things differently or simply wanting to relive a moment. But the great thing is that no matter what, I’ve only learned and grown from those experiences. I happily leave behind the juvenile and naive Brittany (okay, maybe still a little naive) and embrace the person who is coming into her own. I can’t believe it’s taken this long.

I think the thing that has surprised me the most over the years is that the friends I thought I would always be close to are…well, not that close anymore! Although I still love and care about them, sometimes people grow apart. It’s just a fact of life. When you’re in high school everyone sort of moves at the same speed and it’s easy to have a lot of things in common with the people around you. But after graduation people leave and go their own ways, some travel, some move completely, others have children. The people that you used to be on the same page with are now living completely different lives that you can’t relate to. It’s just weird.  I’m curious to see who I reconnect with in the future. I know I still have certain friendships that aren’t dead, but simply put on pause.

When I look at the life I’m living now and the friends I have I can’t feel anything but blessed. I have a husband who loves and supports me in everything I do and will be honest in telling me when I’m being a little ridiculous from time to time (okay maybe more often than not). I truly lucked out in finding such a laid back man, who totally counteracts my high-strung tendencies. My friends are all extremely creative in their own ways which I find inspires me in my day-to-day life. They encourage me to follow my dreams and help me when I’m feeling stuck creatively.

If I could do it all over again you can bet I wouldn’t change a thing.

A big thank you to all the people that made my birthday so special this year. I got to start off my day bright and early at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale where I was treated to a mini shopping spree. The staff all seemed to know it was my birthday and were very sweet in making me feel special. They even brought me a sprinkled donut with a pink candle in it and sung me Happy Birthday in the fitting room. When I was finished shopping they sent Steven and I over to their restaurant for complimentary mimosas. Not a bad morning at all.
In the evening we went out for dinner with a few of our closest friends. They gifted me with some very thoughtful presents (all my favourites) and we chatted for hours on end about anything and everything. I wasn’t so social when I was younger, but I’m very thankful to have the few great friends that I have now. When we see each other I always feel freshly inspired and energized.

So, here’s to the change life brings us and embracing every second of it!

xx -b.