CrossIron x LSS x Milton Photography

Today I’m bringing you the second instalment of my work with the CrossIron Mills Style Panel. The theme I’ve gone for this time is, you guessed it, wedding attire. But we’re going to put a little spin on things here and talk about whether or not it’s okay to wear white for weddings. I encourage you to weigh in in the comments below. I’d love to hear what everyone has to say on the topic!


CrossIron x LSS x Milton Photography
CrossIron x LSS x Milton Photography
CrossIron x LSS x Milton Photography
CrossIron x LSS x Milton Photography
CrossIron x LSS x Milton Photography
I think there are numerous ways you can wear white to a wedding without standing out (or ticking off the bride). You can sport a white based print, opt for pants instead of a dress, pile on the accessories, etc. I think all these ways are fairly acceptable when attending someone else’s wedding, but that’s not what I’m here to talk about. For example, would you wear solid white to someone else’s wedding? Personally, I wouldn’t take the risk. As a married woman I know first hand how fragile a brides emotions can be on her wedding day and I, for one, would not want to be the one to push her over the edge.

Sure, some brides may be a lot more modern than others, but if you are hell bent on wearing your white dress to her wedding you’d better ask first! I brought up this topic with our friend who’s getting married in September and although both her and her bridesmaids will be wearing white she still wants it to remain a special shade reserved strictly for the wedding party.

For those of you that are brave enough, I’ve put together an effortlessly chic outfit, that you can wear to your next Summer wedding, with three easy pieces.

I picked up my dress from H&M, which is a simple wrap style that buttons up the front. Though it’s no longer available on the website, I think that this wide blouse would make an excellent alternative paired with a belt. For accessories I’ve kept things very low key with the Joelle Soft Pebble Leather Crossbody from Danier (currently on sale). To top off my look I added a pop of colour with these Yellow Forquer High Heels from Aldo (on sale for half off).

My entire outfit can be found at CrossIron Mills for under $250. I love that because I chose a simple, cheaper dress to work with that I was able to splurge a bit on good quality accessories which I will be able to wear year round. A big thank you to my girl Anneke Forbes for helping me pull pieces for this look and Justine for working some serious magic with her photo skills.

What do you think, would you wear white to a wedding? Would you allow someone else to wear white to your wedding?

xx -b.

-photos by milton photography

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  • Oh my goodness, you look amazing in this outfit!!! Super impressed with the variety and detail Justine was able to capture. And the location suits the look so well. Perfection all around! Can’t wait to see you tonight :D.

    • Thanks lady! Looking forward to tomorrow with all my favourite girls! I feel so special, three times in a week…could get used to this 😉 xx

  • Love love love the heels!! Your outfit is so stunning! xx

  • This entire look is so perfect, I really love the shoes! Although I think if I wanted to wear white, I’d have to ask the bride first!

    Jodie xo // Jodie Loue

  • I absolutely adore this look! I think you can wear white if you’re just invited to the evening bit but I think it’s a bit no-no during the day. You look so classy and elegant <3 xx

  • Melanie

    Love this entire look Brit!! Where is this location? I might copy you on it! I always have a hard time finding locations in YYC!

    • Thanks Mel! I’m sure you’ve seen tons of people shoot here before, it’s the new overpass just outside of Village Ice Cream 😉 xx

  • I feel like this is a risk that wouldn’t be worth in, should the bride have an issue with it! Love the look though! x

  • I would consider it a no-go, even if the bride has said it was ok (though I’d never ask). Regardless if the bride is wearing white, or cares if you do, its a shade that is predominantly worn for weddings, and might put more attention on the person wearing it whether they realize or not. You just know at some point someone’s great Aunt twice removed is going to have one too many glasses of champagne and comment on stealing the bride’s thunder, so why even go there? Like one of your other commenters said – there are so many other colours in the universe!

    • Hahaha, love it. Thankfully I didn’t have to experience that with my family on our wedding day…classic movie scenario 😉

  • I am obsessed with your shoes! But as for white to a wedding, I probably wouldn’t do it. You never know how important it could be to the bride. But as for me, I don’t even plan on wearing white to my own wedding! So it definitely depends.


    • Aren’t they great!? I’m obsessed haha. What colour do you have in mind for your wedding, are we talking more like a cream colour or something else entirely? xx

  • I just don’t see the point personally. There are a trillion colours in the universe, I wouldn’t even consider it (or consider asking the bribe) I can’t imagine caring about wearing a particular dress enough to do that. I have a lovely mint dress that I’ve worn to two summer weddings so far, and that works great for me :)

    I do love this outfit with those shoes though, stunning!

    • Haha, I love the honesty! I think they only reason I would ask a bride is if I had nothing else to wear. It’s surprising how many people actually don’t care though…brides these days wear a variety of colours! xx

      • yeah that’s very true, but even if the bribe isn’t wearing white, I think it might be strange to do it as a guest. and if the bribe says she doesn’t care and then when you show up she does care–probably she doesn’t say anything but, like you said, it’s about the couple on the wedding day, not about how i feel as a guest. it’s just so easy to wear another colour (but then, i’m not a big fan of white in the first place, looks great but too much maintenance and too likely to be transparent!)

        • Ahhh haha, so much to consider! I looove white, well more like cream, but I love it nonetheless. Anything to make a white girl look more tanned 😉