These last few months have been a huge learning curve for me when it comes to keeping myself organized. As a now full time blogger I have to make everyday count, after all, it’s my responsibility to make sure I’m bringing home some sort of income. I’m not gonna lie, it’s totally stressful. One thing that does manage to keep me sane is organizing my thoughts on paper, because if I don’t have a plan then what do I have? A mess, a total mess!

Giftagram - Life, Set Sail
Giftagram - Life, Set Sail
An absolute must for me is a great daily planner. If I don’t write something down then it usually doesn’t happen (so forgetful), and I know I’m not the only person with this issue. I had just torn out the last page from my desktop planner when this beauty from Giftagram arrived at my door – talk about timing!

If you haven’t heard of Giftagram yet, it is a new app available for download on iOS and is designed to make gifting as easy as possible in three simple steps. First, choose a gift. This is actually the most difficult step because there are so many great products available, it makes it hard to choose! Second, select a friend to gift to and they will be notified by e-mail or text. For the third step, your friend simply enters their preferred shipping address and the item is shipped off right away (usually takes items 3-5 days to arrive)! Sweet and simple.

Think you don’t have the time to mess with a new app? Setting up your account is very quick. All that is required is your e-mail address (and of course your credit card once you’re ready to make your first purchase). There’s no need to enter your home address, it’s not even needed!

At a loss for gifting ideas? There is a ton of inspiration on the Giftagram blog!

I love the range of products offered and am ecstatic to see so many local brands included as well! Some of my favourites are the Woodlot candles, Jenny Bird earrings and, of course, the organizational offerings from Design Love Co. I am head over heels for their blush planner, which is not only gorgeous laying around on my desk, but super useful as well! We’re talking side-pockets, budgeting pages, weekly and monthly calendars, not to mention plenty of room to write. I get giddy just talking about it!

Giftagram has kindly offered one lucky reader a $50 credit towards their next purchase using the app. It gets better, install the app and use the code lifesetsail to receive a $10 credit to start gifting right now…or, you know, treat yourself to something special.

Happy Shopping!

xx -b.

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