I’m a bit of a non-traditionalist when it comes to switching up my nail colour with the seasons. Most shades, aside from very few, I tend to wear all year round. I don’t see why I should have to give up my favourites just because there’s snow on the ground!

Winter Nail Lineup - Life, Set Sail
Winter Nail Lineup - Life, Set Sail
Winter Nail Lineup - Life, Set Sail

Because most about me is fair (skin, hair, eyes) I think pastels are typically the shades that best suit me. Although application is usually a pain in the butt, I love creamy nudes like Deborah Lippmann’s Before He Cheats (it’s a love/hate relationship). If you want to see it on, check out this post. I’m also very much into the new nude shades for not only nails, but lips too. The RMS Beauty offering in Honest is one that I have literally worn for a month straight just because I’m so obsessed with it. If you can get your hands on one, this has to be my favourite polish formula ever…bold claims, I know. It applies flawlessly and dries quick (oh and is free from nasty ingredients), which is all I really ever want in a polish anyway! See me wearing it in this post.

Moving onto more fall-like shades, Essie’s Master Plan is the perfect soft grey hue in my opinion. It’s not too dark and very flattering for a grey, which sometimes I feel can make your hand look a little corpse-like…so not the look I’m going for!

If you’re looking for the quintessential Fall shade, Aila’s Room 212 is the shade for you! Also free from all that nasty stuff, Aila’s polish range is as stunning as ever, not to mention cruelty free. I put together a simple nail art tutorial using Room 212 in this post along with the RMS shade in Honest.

To round things off, what would the holiday season be without some good old glitter? This Coco + Lulu polish was gifted to me last Christmas so it only seems appropriate that I would be sporting it again this year! I love the shade Champagne for its gold and iridescent flecks which give the perfect amount of holiday cheer to any mani. For the life of me I can find it for purchase anywhere but this one is quite similar if you’re interested.

How about you, what nail polish shades have you been sporting lately?

xx -b.

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