Cinder & Sage - Life, Set Sail

If you’re anything like me, you probably hate doing your hair. Just simply having to wash my hair alone can be enough to ruin an entire day! So when I do take the time to actually bathe I am all about those zero effort hairstyles. While today’s hair isn’t quite zero effort, I do promise it will only take five seconds to achieve…and that, my friends, isn’t all that bad now is it?

Cinder & Sage - Life, Set Sail
Cinder & Sage - Life, Set Sail
Cinder & Sage - Life, Set Sail
Cinder & Sage - Life, Set Sail

We recently took these photos for our local gal, Lindsay, of Cinder & Sage who needed some visual aids for showing her customers how to use her hair combs…what an odd thing I thought. I never imagined that someone wouldn’t know how to use a hair comb, but unless you are a vintage lover or have ever fastened a bridal headpiece, sure, you probably don’t know.

So on the off chance that you fit into the latter group, let me rock your world!

Wearing a hair comb is one of the fastest and most efficient ways to make it look like you actually put some effort into your hairstyle. Tightly hold down the section of hair you want secured, then push the comb back in the opposite direction of your hair. That’s literally all. You can pull out a few pieces to soften the look, but chances are it already looks fantastic.

My one tip is that you should have some sort of hair product in your hair, like texturing spray, to give it more grip (though totally not necessary). If you have fine hair, like me, sometimes it’s a bit hard to keep things from sliding out of your hair unless there’s product in it already.

If you want to fashion your comb in the back of your head as I did in the first photo, just take two small sections from either side of your head and push the comb up into the hair.

And there you have it, a five second hairstyle that looks like it took way longer to achieve! You’re welcome.

xx -b.

-photos by milton photography

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  • I love that first one so much! And yeah I think I would need a lot of product to get it to stay, but whatever. Looks awesome.

    • Not a crazy amount surprisingly! I have the worlds finest hair and I can get it to stay without anything, I just use a little texturizing spray cause I like it and it helps it hold longer 😉

  • I love the beauty and simplicity of these combs – definitely going to have to pick one up soon! Thanks for sharing!

    La Petite Noob

  • Oh my gosh these combs are beautiful! I actually need one for my wedding so I definitely need to check these out. I totally agree, nothing difficult when it comes to hair. It’s so funny how I will spend 30 minutes on makeup but I just can’t be bothered when it comes to my hair.

    • They would be perfect for a wedding! She will make custom ones too if you’re interested. I know she stocks a local brial boutique here with her combs that are more formal looking (with pearls and such). And I can totally relate to the hair/makeup situation haha. xx

  • This is so simple yet so brilliant. I NEED some hair combs. FAST. Thanks for the tip!


    • You sure do! And of course, you are more than welcome lol 😉 xx

  • I tried hair combs at one point but they just don’t grip to my hair, annoyingly enough. I can’t get away with them without using a little texturizing spray first!
    The ones you have here are beautiful and go so well with your hair colour xx
    Celina | The Celution | Bloglovin’

    • Hmm, I think it really depends on the comb as to whether or not you’ll get a decent grip! Plastic ones are horrible, but the twisted wire ones work really really well. Anyway, food for thought haha! xx

  • I’ve never even thought to use a hair comb before. This looks so easy!

  • I have never used a hair comb before. This looks amazing and you look amazing!

    • You should try them out! The twisted wire ones hold the best! xx

  • Victoria Reilly

    I’ve never ever ever used a hair comb but I seriously might have to get myself some now. They look absolutely adorable.

    Victoria | dearvictoria

  • Cinder & Sage has such pretty hair pieces! I was actually just searching through vintage hair combs last week and besides tucking them into a little messy bun or braid I’m really not quite sure how else to style them. Thanks so much for sharing this love! xo
    Kelsey |

    • Right!? And I totally agree, tucked into the base of a bun is adorable. I only wish I had thicker hair to make my bun look full enough haha. Boo. Happy to offer up some alternative inspiration! xx

  • I love Cinder & Sage! They always have the prettiest things!

    Kristi | Be Loverly

  • These combs are so beautiful! I’m pretty lazy when it comes to hair, but this makes jazzing it up a no brainer!

  • Wow, this are so elegant looking. I need to get some hair combs!

  • I admit, I am someone who doesn’t know how to use hair combs, I never thought it would be so easy, and I know I would have got it wrong as I would have gone with the hair, not against it! I’m useless at hair, so I might try this, it would at least look like I’ve done something a little different for a change!

    Sarah :)

    Saloca in Wonderland