About a month ago our local Adorn Boutique asked me (alongside a few of our other YYC bloggers) to model for their Spring Lookbook. Of course I was all too willing. I love the girls at Adorn and working with them is always a pleasure. So if you’re in need of some super feminine Spring fashion inspiration, look no further!

The Jet Set Diaries - Life, Set Sail
Incase you didn’t get the memo, we’re in the year of the romper (and I couldn’t be more stoked about it)! If there is one thing my closet needs more than anything these days, it’s a romper for everyday of the week. So far I have…two. We have a ways to go it seems. The only thing I’m not loving about this trend is that many of these said rompers are ridiculously low cut…which is great for non-chesty ladies, but in my promise to you to always be transparent, let me be completely honest…

The Jet Set Diaries - Life, Set Sail
The Jet Set Diaries - Life, Set Sail
I straight up duct taped my tits in most of these outfits. Sorry if that might be too much information, but this is who I am…blunt and always honest. Also I just find it kind of comical what I have to do to keep things under control sometimes. It’s down right ridiculous. Holler at me if you can relate!

The Jet Set Diaries - Life, Set Sail
Tits aside, I love that rompers take the guess work out of pairing combinations. Just throw on some simple accessories, a cute pair of shoes and you’re good to go. Feeling a little exposed? Top with an open button-down. Voilà, perfect Spring outfit complete.

The Jet Set Diaries - Life, Set Sail

If you want to check out the rest of the looks you can do so here. I love the palette of this whole shoot and think the soft pastels are perfect for Spring/Summer weddings. As always, Adorn has the whole pretty thing covered flawlessly.

What’s your take on the ever popular romper trend this year? Are you game? Have you ever resorted to using duct tape in fashion emergencies or is that just so Canadian of me?

xx -b.

bodysuit and short combo: stylestalker // purple romper: the jetset diaries // dress: the jetset diaries
-photos by justine milton
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