LA Ace Hotel - Life, Set Sail

I know it’s been quiet around here for a while now and that I’ve offered up not really any sort of explanation whatsoever, but I’m happy to say I’m finally back! This past month has been a really hard one with many changes in my personal life and a lot of emotional exhaustion so the time away from LSS has definitely been needed…but that’s not to say I haven’t been working on things behind the scenes!

LA Urban Lights - Life, Set Sail

LA Urban Lights - Life, Set Sail

About a month ago now, Justine and I went to California on sort of a creative photo trip…we worked with a few really great brands and companies, but also did a lot of stuff for ourselves as well. The change of scenery was very much needed for both of us and I’m so excited to finally be able to share what we’ve been working on! We literally took so many photos that I’ll probably be good here content-wise for more than a few months.

LA Urban Lights - Life, Set Sail

California holds a very special place in my heart because…well, that’s where I’m from! I love it there so much I will very likely end up moving back one day. Our trip, although planned months beforehand, couldn’t have come at a better time. When we left there was so much fresh that I was starting to deal with and being immersed in doing something I love so much was the perfect distraction.

LA Urban Lights - Life, Set Sail

LA Urban Lights - Life, Set Sail
I woke up every morning at sunrise and didn’t get back to our hotel until around 12 most nights, often shooting 5-6 different looks in a day (with quick wardrobe changes in the car)…and the days, were they ever hot! Our last day in Palm Springs was a whooping 45 degrees and not only that, but we spent part of it hiking through a canyon trying to squeeze in one last shoot before our flight! I won’t complain though, I love the heat. The only thing is trying to look photo ready for an entire day in it…the struggle is real.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy what’s to come! There is so much so hopefully some of you are still around to see it hah!

xx -b.

jacket: liah // top and skirt: free people // watch: chrisitan paul
photos by justine milton

  • Oooo! Love these photos and can’t wait to see more from your trip! Happy to see you back in the swing :).

    • Thanks Chica! Ahh yes it’s been so busy lately (and I’m sure with you as well). Can’t wait for my weekend so I cam pump out a couple more posts, I have SO much to share :) xx

  • A good creative break away is sometimes the only thing you need to get started again :) Holy heat though hahaha!

    Denton & Lou

  • Loving the way photos turned out and your simple outfit! I hope that everything is going well for you and that you’ll have a great end of the weekend. Also, been wanting to visit California for ages! Hopefully, I’ll get to do that soon. x

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

    • Thanks Leta! And yes, you should definitely go to California, it’s wonderful! xx