Ever since I bought my first Show Me Your Mumu piece (yes this is the name of a brand, not a clever title), I’ve been obsessed…and I think it’s safe to say everyone else has too! Whenever I wear this romper I always get compliments on it, and why not? It’s so much fun!

Show Me Your Mumu - Life, Set Sail
Show Me Your Mumu - Life, Set Sail
Let’s be honest, it’s basically my life goal to end up living somewhere that I can get away with not wearing pants (pants are the devil). If I could just frolic about in stylish two piece sets I totally would…as it just so happens, it is currently snowing here in Calgary (why God why!?). The thing I love about these types of outfits is that you don’t have to worry about any sort of pairings, just toss on a couple simple pieces of jewellery, some sneakers and your good to go! Are you sick of seeing me in white sneaker yet?

Show Me Your Mumu - Life, Set Sail
You know how much bloggers love walls…especially pink walls, and this one we found while exploring old Palm Springs fit the bill quite nicely! Seriously…I’m going to really be hurting for cool places to shoot this Winter unless we decide to drive to the mountains every weekend! Why is everything so much more inspiring when traveling? It’s like there are endless amounts of places to shoot as soon as you go basically anywhere but home! Sigh.

Show Me Your Mumu - Life, Set Sail
Speaking of which, I think I’m just about ready for my next adventure! Anyone have plans for travel soon? I’d love to hear all about your adventures…and maybe you could even inspire me to plan my own!

xx -b.

two piece set: show me your mumu // bracelet: coutukitsch // sneakers: vans
photos by justine milton