This is what happens when I run out of post titles…in fact frequently on my Instagram account you can see that I’ll use song lyrics as captions because either I a) don’t have anything to say or b) the song can say it much better. I’m weird.

Windmills - Life, Set Sail
One of the things we really wanted to shoot in Palm Springs were, of course, the windmills! They’re everywhere…but actually getting to them proved to be slightly difficult. Rather than booking a tour (you can legit to this there are that many), we found a nice ol’ spot on the side of the road and I quickly changed in the car before jumping out to snap these! So went most of that trip to be honest haha.

Windmills - Life, Set Sail
Once again I’m wearing some of my favourite items from Salt Shop, the most ridiculously cozy white tee (currently on sale) and a pair of Mud’s organic cotton blue jeans. The jeans aren’t so long, but I always love rolling the hem a little for a more casual vibe that better suits my hightop wearing tendencies.

Windmills - Life, Set Sail
Salt Shop’s whole atheistic very much suits my own style, which is never complicated and always comfortable. I have a hard time calling myself a fashion blogger since I don’t find myself particularly fashion-y, but I do love good quality, classic pieces and that’s one of the reasons I was so thrilled to work with this company on our trip! I could literally (and often do) live in their pieces.

How about you, do you prefer to experiment with your style or are you more comfortable in basics?

xx -b.