Greystone Mansion - Life, Set Sail

If my lack of posting is any indication of how busy I’ve been, well, I think you get where I’m going with that…there has been a lot going on lately and some pretty exciting things in the works, so let me catch you up!

Greystone Mansion - Life, Set Sail
I took on a full-time job about four months ago now, managing a microcreamery (small batch ice cream shop for those who are wondering) and take care of their social media side of things as well. I wont get into why I decided to take on another job but let’s just say this, it’s great! Although I work a lot it’s made things much easier and less stressful for me financially…not to mention, I can actually travel now, which means more exciting content for LSS!

Greystone Mansion - Life, Set Sail
Greystone Mansion - Life, Set Sail

Speaking of traveling, I just got back from a week in New York with Justine! The weather was miserable, but we got to shoot a lot of new (and different) things so I am very pleased about that. If you want a sneak peek of what we did, head over to my Instagram account…we’re currently waiting on our film, but I’ve been sharing some digitals that are acting as previews for now.

Greystone Mansion - Life, Set Sail
While we’re talking about work, I’ve been getting some pretty cool modelling gigs lately, which I’ll admit, I never really sought out to do but obviously I like getting my picture taken so it only seems natural I guess! I really do enjoy it so hopefully more opportunities keep presenting themselves to me.

I also got to act in a music video last month…umm…such a cool experience. I haven’t seen the finished product yet but I promise as soon as I do that I’ll be sure to share it here! It was a very emotional piece for me to work on but I’m so grateful for the opportunity to try something different and new. Also, now that I’ve experienced that, I feel like I actually might really enjoy acting so…something to think about for sure!

Greystone Mansion - Life, Set Sail

Anyway, I think that about wraps up what’s been going on over here lately but side note, how cute is this Emma Knudsen dress!? She’s a Canadian designer from Vancouver that I discovered last year and I’m totally obsessed!

xx -b.

photos by justine milton

  • This dress is everything! Incredibly cute and that shot where you’re spinning is stunning. I’m in love. Also, so happy for you and for all these opportunities you seem to be getting recently. Can’t wait to see how all those project turn out like! :)

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

  • I love the ring you’re wearing in these photos! Sounds like life is ticking along swimmingly for you – so happy to hear all’s well :). Now that you’re back from the big city, you’ll have to stop by the studio to meet the little guy. Guaranteed you’ll fall in love!

  • It’s so great to read about all these fantastic new experiences in your life, Brittany! You seem happy. :) Also, these photos are gorgeous (but what’s new?!). Can’t wait to see some photos from NY, I’ve been drooling over them via Instagram. 😉

    • Awe you’re the sweetest! Photos should be arriving any day now, can’t wait to share :) xx

  • The new job sounds great, go you! And what beautiful photographs, I’m so longing for warmer days!

    The Little Things x