There are certain shoots I look back on and just have to laugh…this is one of them. That night in Times Square our light broke, we forgot the memory card for our digital camera and we only shot about ten photos on the film camera. If you take a lot of your own photos or work with someone who does it for you, you can imagine how stressful this was for us!

Times Square - Life, Set Sail
Times Square is bright (duh), and there is light coming from literally every direction, so we were a little uncertain of how these photos would turn out…the funny thing is that they ended up being my favourite from the whole trip! I love working in uncertainty, experimenting is seriously the most fun and interesting thing you can do with your art, right? Sometimes you just need to chill and let what happens happen.

Times Square - Life, Set Sail
Lighting aside, I am totally obsessed with this ASTR dress from Adorn! I thought the sequin design would be perfect for Times Square and (in true Brittany style) I loved the boyish contrast of my Converse high-tops…so typical.

Times Square - Life, Set Sail

Also (because I’m just blurting out everything that comes into my mind right now), the black liner I’m wearing is seriously my favourite ever! I’ve been using the Clinique Pretty Easy one for the past couple of years now and have zero desire to try anything else, it’s that amazing. I know I don’t talk about beauty much here anymore, but I promise when there is something I truly love and stand by, I will always let you know!

Times Square - Life, Set Sail

A big thank you to Justine, as usual, for these photos and for always being willing to experiment with me and to Canadian Film Lab for the beautiful scans (we recently changed labs for developing our film and are super impressed with this local company)!

xx -b.

photos by justine milton