All of YYC is burning their bums off with the recent heat wave – I’m not even going to talk about the sunburn I just got on my ass, ouch. Let’s just say it’s so hot I basically feel like I’m back in Palm Springs…aka constantly sweaty.

Heat Wave - Life, Set Sail
Heat Wave - Life, Set Sail

But who am I kidding? I was made for the heat. This California girl will take forty degree weather over being slightly chilly any day, call me crazy but it’s true. It is quite literally my life goal to move somewhere where I never have to wear pants again. Give me cut-offs, rompers, a flowy little dress…anything but pants! Hell if I could get away with it I’d run around in these Fortnight undies all day haha.

Heat Wave - Life, Set Sail
Heat Wave - Life, Set Sail

How about you? are you a sucker for the heat or do you prefer cooler weather? If it’s the latter, try coming to Calgary in the dead of Winter…yuck.

xx -b.

photos by justine milton

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  • Anneke Forbes
    July 14, 2017 at 5:41 PM

    How about somewhere in the middle? 22 and sunny? Yes please!


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