Some of the best photos, scratch that, all of our best photos are the product of happy accidents…case in point, these. While driving through Yuma to shoot some sand dunes I saw this place and told Justine to pull over so we could snap some quick photos – conveniently enough I had brought an extra outfit that day, just in case!

Free People - Life, Set Sail
Can we just take a second to admire this landscape? This is desert people, this is what REAL desert looks (not to mention feels) like! You could literally see the heat coming off the ground and we were really sweating it up out there, thank God for air conditioned cars!

Free People - Life, Set Sail
The twirling images were probably my favourite, with Justine yelling at me to “just keep spinning”…haha, easier said than done people. This Free People dress I picked up from our local Adorn Boutique made for the perfect outfit for this spontaneous shoot. Now that we have the feel for it, I can’t wait for more desert shoots in the future! Arizona perhaps?

xx -b.

photos by justine milton