Summer is over I guess. Yesterday the leaves were yellow and orange and beautiful. Fast forward one day later…snow…everywhere. If it weren’t for so many exciting things going on (new home, new job, etc.) I’m not sure how I could last.

Portland - Life, Set Sail
I was made for the sun (hello flirty skirts and ice cream), but instead of being Debby Downer about it, let me share the things I’m most excited about for Fall…maybe with some effort (okay a lot of effort) I can convince myself to even love Fall (never).

Portland - Life, Set Sail
Portland - Life, Set Sail
Yesterday Cody and I signed the lease for our new apartment! We’re moving in a short few weeks (ahh so much to do), and I could not be more happy with the place we chose. It’s big, it’s bright, and it’s in a great location…I seriously cannot wait to show you all (maybe start a new living serious on the blog too?). If you told me at this time last year that in 2017 I’d be moving into a new home with some random (okay not so random) guy, I would not believe it.

I’ve also literally just started a new job as the event and media director at one of my favourite local restaurants and I’m so stoked on it you don’t even know. Planning fun parties and managing social media accounts? Yah I’m pretty sure I was made for this – to clarify, I still have a million other jobs on the go and am not quitting any of them haha.

Portland - Life, Set Sail
So what else…oh yes! All the shows! A new season of Stranger Things AND The Walking Dead, all good things. I’ve also decided that this year I’m going to attempt cooking my FIRST Thanksgiving dinner and (thank god) one of my girlfriends has already volunteered to help because I don’t know what the heck I’m doing (picturing that episode of Friends where Monica has the turkey on her head). Send help.

xx -b.

dress: aritzia // earrings: hart + stone // shoes: nine west
photos by justine milton