This year, Cody and I decided to boycott traditional family Christmas for a vacation of our own down south! While family was certainly missed (somehow UberEats Christmas dinner just doesn’t compare), we definitely had some fun in the sun…

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We spent the first few days at the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs before moving onto the faster paced (and far more dirty) LA. Although I was horribly sick most of our trip, we still got to see some pretty amazing things (including Joshua tree which Cody got to experience for the first time). Speaking of which, my guy got to practice being Instagram boyfriend for the week and I’ve gotta say…he was a real champ about it!

Also can I just take a moment to rave about how amazing it was to run around in all the cute things down south!? I’m so tired of Winter back home already and we’re only MAYBE half way through it!

Shop Tobi - Life, Set Sail
The highlight of the trip for me was when I got to meet my half siblings for the first time! I’m sure most of you don’t know so I’ll clue you in here, my biological father still lives in my hometown in California with a family of his own who I’ve never met (and I’ve only met my dad a couple of times)…two brothers and a sister – oh my god a SISTER! I’ve always wanted one and I feel blessed beyond belief to have gotten to welcome a wonderful new family into my life. We spent Christmas Eve with them and it was absolutely surreal.

Shop Tobi - Life, Set Sail
Shop Tobi - Life, Set Sail
So what did we do for actual Christmas day? We hiked up to the Hollywood sign, got an epic parking ticket, made the mistake of driving to Santa Monica (which was completely overrun with tourists) and ate McDonald’s for lunch (the only place open and surprise I got sick from it later), and went to see The Shape of Water (an AMAZING date movie)!

How did you spend your holidays?

xx -b.

romper: shop tobi // earrings: talee studio // shoes: nine west // cody’s sweater: camp brand goods 

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