Bridgette Bar

Warning, this is a very photo heavy post! There is a lot about this set that I love, the location, the outfit, the fact that Justine forgot the light meter at home and we somehow wound up with this slightly underexposed look that I’m so obsessed with…

I’ve been meaning to use Bridgette Bar for a shoot ever since it first opened well over a year ago now (maybe even more?). There’s something about it that feels so Ace Hotel to me…that perfect mix of 1970’s and Southern California desert which has g0t me feeling all the good vibes.

This is one of my favourite new outfits too, a leather mini skirt paired with a silk top and dotted tights. I’ve been wearing my Ted Baker boots a lot this Winter, even despite the snow just because they are so surprisingly comfortable and literally go with everything…

But the piece de resistance is really this virgin italian wool and cashmere coat made by my dear friend Anneke Forbes. I’ve wanted to own one of her pieces for years now and finally took the plunge and invested in what I can only describe as the softest, most beautiful coat ever! I’ve modelled a number of Anneke’s designs in the past, just take a peek at these posts and see for yourself! I can’t get over how talented this woman is, it’s unreal.

When I leave my outfit fairly neutral like this, I like to add a pop of colour with a bold lip. My favourite red for years now has been Nars Heat Wave, it never fails! I accessorized with a pair of oversized sunglasses from Ollie Quinn, a great place to find amazing frames without breaking the bank! I am obsessed with the new prescription glasses Cody picked out (we’ll do a post together soon)! Mine own sunglasses can be found here.

As I finish this post (it’s honestly taken me a week because I keep getting distracted), we have just received a snowfall warning for Alberta…that’s right, there is so much snow coming they had to WARN us about it! I was not built for this! Props go to all the ladies that still manage to look cute during these times. As for me, I’ll be wearing every single item of clothing I own. Ew.

xx -b.

photos by justine milton