I’m not a big fan of Valentine’s day, but I will never pass up a great opportunity for a photoshoot…and my friends at Ollia really know how to do February 14th!

It’s not that I’m particularly against this holiday, I just don’t really like crowds…and you can bet if your out anywhere on Valentine’s Day, it’s going to be busy! Make me a home-cooked meal, honestly even just buy me a bottle of wine and I’ll feel spoiled! That sounded sad as soon as I thought about …for the record, my boyfriend is VERY thoughtful everyday of the year, just incase he is reading this I want to be clear on that fact haha!

Actually, one week from Valentine’s Day is our one year anniversary, so I’m much more focused on that! I can’t believe how fast time has flown, and the fact that we have our own little home together and that I get to spend everyday with my goofy, tall boy…so very goofy.

I’m so excited for everything this year has to bring, the trips we plan, the things that will surprise us and so on. Speaking of which, we are currently planning a Europe trip with Justine and her husband (more on that later), and I cannot WAIT!

What do you have planned for the 14th? Do you like Valentine’s Day or just love celebrating love!?
xx -b.

photos by justine milton

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