I’ll be the first to admit, sometimes the ol’ blog has taken a bit of a backseat next to social media! This morning I was clicking through the archives and realized that I had forgotten to share some real gems from our travels over here on LSS…so let’s throwback a little ways, back to New York in January with my pal Justine.

We found this space through the Urban Cowboy B&B – though we didn’t stay in the main building, The Treehouse is located just down the street and is a much more private residence…we’re talking the whole place to ourselves kind of private (save from the one roommate that lives there full-time, who we didn’t see our entire stay).

Located in the heart of Williamsburg, the Treehouse is truly the perfect place to stay if you’re looking for an urban getaway. We were able to walk to wherever we needed to get to (shopping, grocery store, restaurants etc.) and still felt very much tucked away from it all.

One thing I loved in particular were the quiet mornings in our private space. While Justine and I mapped out our to-do list for the day we were able to enjoy quiet cups of coffee in the gorgeous open concept kitchen. On warmer days, we would open the garage door adjacent from the living room, allowing fresh air to roll in and distant chatter from our neighbours starting their days.

I just might be the biggest fan of slow mornings, they really do set the tone for the entire day. While it’s not always possible to have such leisurely beginnings to the day, I definitely think it’s one of those important things to do for yourself now and then…

Speaking of mornings, I wrote up a little feature for Belle Lumiere Magazine sharing my feelings as a morning person and showcasing some of the images from our stay at The Treehouse. I would absolutely love it if you took a peek at the article!

Towards the end of our stay and reflecting on what we saw and experienced during our entire New York trip, I feel like Williamsburg converted me a bit…I never in my life thought I could be the type of person that would live in New York, but Brooklyn is truly its own special kind of place. The people seem to be a bit more down to earth and the small, artsy shops definitely make it feel like more of a close-knit community. Throw a little beach in there and I would move in a heartbeat!

Have you ever stayed anywhere in Williamsburg? What did you think!?

xx -b.

photos by justine milton