Venice is for Lovers

Venice has got to be one of the most special places you can go to as a couple. Around every corner is a cute canal or square and the slow paced feel of boating to and from every destination leaves plenty of hands-free time (if you get my drift)…

One of the best things you can do in Venice, whether travelling on your own or with your SO, is wake up at sunrise to explore the canal streets before they are littered with tourists. Getting out early also means you can take advantage of all the amazing bakeries in Venice…we all know that pastries are always best straight out of the oven anyway!

If you’d rather sleep in, dusk is a really beautiful time to practice your photography skills. In fact, all of the photos in this post were taken at sunset. We may have found a couple secluded corners, but we spent a lot of time waiting for other tourists to pass us on the bridges before snapping a few photos…we didn’t mind at all. As I said, Venice is adorable, so snuggle up and enjoy the views!

For the couple that would like a little more adventure to their day, I highly recommend taking a ferry to the surrounding islands and seeing what each has to offer (our favourite was Burano). A friendly tip – go before noon or you will be waiting in Disneyland-like lineups trying to get a boat back to Venice. I will admit, we played the naive Canadians and cut the line a couple of times (and I don’t feel bad about it at all).

Venice is definitely a destination you do not want to miss out on should you get the chance to visit – after all, it’s not going to be around forever! It’s a place that I am so grateful to have experienced, and even more so with Cody. Have you ever been to Venice? I can’t think of a more romantic place!

photo by justine milton