San Gimignano

After coming highly recommended by Cody’s mom, San Gimignano was on the top of our list for places to visit while in Italy! And let me tell you, it did not disappoint…

If you like photo-heavy posts, well, this is one such case…we literally could NOT help ourselves, this place is just that cute. Think rolling hills and amongst them, the most quant little village that feels like the equivalent of Disneyland, Italian style.

“San Gimignano is an Italian hill town in Tuscany, southwest of Florence. Encircled by 13th-century walls, its old town centers on Piazza della Cisterna, a triangular square lined with medieval houses. It has a skyline of medieval towers, including the stone Torre Grossa. The Duomo di San Gimignano is a 12th-century church with frescoes by Ghirlandaio in its Santa Fina Chapel.”

Along with the stunning views, San Gimignano is home of the most AMAZING gelato shop, Gelateria Dondoli (world champions)! What I thought was just the sweetest thing ever, is that the owner actually stands outside the shop and greets every single tourist coming through his doors (in whatever language they speak too). It was just that extra little touch that made our experience so much more memorable. The gelato itself was absolutely incredible and I had the most amazing passionfruit of my life!

One of the things I loved most about this village is that it was small enough to get around in a day, unlike many of our other day-trips, we didn’t feel like we left so much unseen! That being said, there are plenty of side streets and small pathways to get lost on (in a pleasant sort of way).

If you are in Italy visiting Florence (which most likely you are if you’re in Italy), I would definitely recommend the extra hour drive to spend a day in San Gimignano. It’s truly unlike any place I’ve seen and the perfect stop for a more slower-paced Italian excursion.

photos by justine milton

I’m wearing: Urban Outfitters | Cody’s wearing: Frank and Oak