Cherry Blossoms

Alright, before anyone says anything, I am fully aware that we are waaay past cherry blossom season and I’m embarrassingly late on posting these photos…I’m hoping better late than never applies here.

Justine and I have wanted to take cherry blossom photos for years now, but it just so happens that every year one of us is out of town and ruins the whole thing…and it doesn’t help that our blossoms last for only two short weeks either!

We (Justine) found this awesome spot in one of the residential neighbourhoods lush with blossoms and I could not believe how fortunate we were to have the place to ourselves (a hidden gem if I ever saw one)! When I first shared these on Instagram I had so many messages asking where it was – but of course, by then, they had all already fallen.

I was so happy with how these images turned out, but oh my god we took so many that is was seriously hard to pick and choose which to share! Looking at these now make me really want to go to Japan one year during cherry blossom season (if anyone has been you HAVE to tell me how it was because I’m sure the answer is amazing).

As I write this there is snow forecasted for later on this week and I’ve got to be candid here, the thought greatly depresses me. What’s even more depressing is that I had to pack away all my wicked Hawaiian print outfits a few weeks ago and it breaks my heart they won’t see the light of day until next Summer…ah well! I suppose a good frolic in the snow might be fun (until it gets old after a few days).

How about you, are you already mourning Summer or are you stoked on Fall?

photos by justine milton
I’m wearing: Levis and Aritzia with Hermès sandals