We had such an interesting visit in Chianti, mainly because of this place we stayed…yes we stayed on this estate! From the photos I realize it looks very grand and luxurious, but there was definitely more to it than that!

Our AirBnB (you heard that right, this was listed on AirBnB) was actually a winery! Before that it was…a monastery! We stayed in a house that used to be the Bakers quarters, complete with a massive open oven for baking bread.

Again, this sounds pretty awesome right?

Now I don’t want to come off as super complain-y here, but we did not have a great experience to say the least…though some really good stories came from it!

It all started with scorpions popping up in the lower portion of our house, slowly inching their way up the stairs to where we slept. We didn’t know that these weren’t poisonous (think of them like wasps), and were so terrified we trapped them in glasses throughout the house. Once we got used to that (I use that term very loosely), we were hit with a full blown ant infestation in the kitchen that lasted the rest of our stay. Fun times.

As for our actual quarters…think of them as very spooky surroundings like that of your grandparents home from the turn of the century (furniture included). While we (kind of) got used to this, it was overshadowed by other issues (weird heating, showers that didn’t work etc.). It’s all very laughable now but at the time we were so upset (it wasn’t a cheap stay either)!

These gorgeous photos were taken on a part of the property that wasn’t accessible to guests (even though it was advertised online). Thankfully the groundskeeper let us in to take some shots, but he left us a scathing review afterwards (dying).

I guess my reason for telling you all this is to show you that things aren’t always as they appear! You may see one of these shots pop up on my Instagram feed with a meaningful quote, but what you’re not seeing is all the scorpions trapped under glasses…get it?

What’s the weirdest AirBnb stay you’ve had?

photos by justine milton