Talee Studio

It must have been almost two years ago when I first had the pleasure of meeting Lorraine Lee, the face behind Talee (tah-lee) Studio. After having the opportunity to chat about her brand, I quickly realized it was so much more than just pretty earrings…

You can find tassel earrings almost anywhere these days, fast fashion brands pump them out like no tomorrow…but what’s harder to find is a good story and purpose behind said trend.

It all started with Lorraine’s father in Malaysia, who taught his daughter how to tie knots when she was young. Jumping forward a couple decades, Lorraine used the same techniques as a way of cognitive therapy for her father’s brain injury which resulted in short-term memory loss.

Lorraine still frequently visits Malaysia (she’s is relocating there later this year), and while at home her knot tying has become a way of bonding with her father in hopes to “bring joy and the recollection of his memory and identity”.

Now sold at various boutiques around Calgary and beyond, Talee has made quite a name for themselves in the community. With bold colours and intricate knots, Talee pieces are a surefire way to turn heads.

To read more about Talee and to check out this seasons featured styles, be sure to visit the website and give them a follow on Instagram. I’m wearing the Bayu style in Ruby/Wood.

xx -b.

photos by emily michelson

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