Tulum Ruins

Believe it or not, this was my first experience with any type of Mexican ruins! Emily and I visited these Mayan ruins in Tulum early enough in the morning that we weren’t crowded by tourists and it was likely the best decision we made all day!I’m not gonna lie, I had grand dreams of scaling the side of one of these gorgeous temples, but sadly they were all roped off! Does anyone know anywhere that still allows you to do this? Let me know!

The stunning beach below was also roped off for all the turtles waiting to hatch, but I won’t be too upset about that because baby turtles are adorable and should definitely be left alone! Emily got some amazing shots of the beach from above and looking at these photos again makes me think I need to order some full-sized prints ASAP!

This Mayan city was the only one built on the coast and served as a seaport for trading jade and turquoise. The stunning cliffs on which it’s built is made of limestone, including the wall surrounding it – which is said to have held a 600 person population inside.

I’m so grateful to get to visit places like these and capture them alongside a photographer that does them justice. If you have any recommendations on what we must see next, let me know! Hint: I have a soft spot for warm, sandy places!

xx -b.

photos by emily michelson
dress: c/o saltwater luxe | sandals: hermés | bag: cult gaia | earrings: hart + stone