Canola Fields

One thing I love about living in the prairies is canola season. During the latter half of Summer, canola fields brighten our otherwise flat (and to be quite honest, boring) landscape with fields of bright yellow. It is absolutely stunning.

For whatever reason, this was the first time we had the opportunity to photograph this once a year event…somehow, I always seem to miss it! If you live in the prairies, you’ll know how popular these fields get with influencers every year (which is perhaps why I’ve always steered clear). I always imagine the, very tolerant, farmers having a good laugh watching everyone come out of hiding to frolic in their fields!

I know people always come to Alberta to visit Banff and enjoy the mountain views, but if I were coming all the way out here, I would not want to miss this very special (although brief) season!

Can you believe that all of these photos were (literally) taken right off the highway? Many times you don’t need to trespass on someone’s land to get these kinds of shots…I wouldn’t advise it anyway! I know a lot of people will hop a fence or get right into the middle of these fields just to get-the-shot, but I can’t say that I ever really feel comfortable doing that.

It’s always fun to capture a popular spot, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be respectful in doing so!

As always, thank you to my lovely friend, Emily, for taking these photos with me! All photos were shot on film and developed at London Drugs’ 1 hour photo lab…not bad right?!