Explore to Create

I don’t think I’m alone when I say I’ve been feeling a little land-locked these days! This year has not been the most exciting for travel (for obvious reasons), which has been nearly nonexistent.

As creators we’ve has to get…well, extra creative, when it comes to making content! Sometimes the best plan is really no plan at all. These shots with Emily were taken on a day where we didn’t have much of an agenda. I packed a couple of outfit changes into the car and we drove out of the city in hopes of swapping the city landscape for something a little more appealing.

Our trip didn’t last long as it took all of twenty-five minutes to find these beautiful sheep freckled fields, reminiscent of the French countryside!

Not many of you may know this, but I grew up on a small island in BC (Saltspring Island to be exact). My family moved there from California when I was eight. These photos truly make me feel like I’m transported back home, where sheep and goats spill onto nearly every road and no one seems to mind.

While this dress is probably something you’d never catch me wearing back home, I couldn’t resist taking it for a romp in the tall grass of the prairies!