Street Style

With the frequency of use the term Street Style gets, I’m still not entirely sure what it even means…does it refer to an outfit you’d wear while walking around the street? A style in and of itself? Or maybe an outfit simply photographed in the street (probably not)? I honestly have no clue.

Regardless, here I am in the street wearing an outfit I deem to be somewhat trendy…my favourite part is the sleeves (obviously)! I got this ruffled knit top from Zara a few months back (similar here) and have been wearing it on repeat ever since.

If you know me, you will be well aware of my aversion to wearing jeans…or really just pants in general. That said, I picked up the ever-popular Farrah jeans from Aritzia that have been sitting in my closet for close to a year now. While these are probably the worst jeans to sit in, they do look really good on the move and (now that I actually wear them) I always get questions about them.

I topped off the look with a pair ofΒ heeled boots (a major splurge from Prada a while back) and some simple accessories and I was set! I wonder if any of you ever notice…I almost never carry a purse!