King Rosales x Life, Set Sail

I love meeting new people, scratch that…I love meeting creative people. There’s something about talking to another creative that I can’t get from anyone else. They just get it. They get why you’re so passionate about what you do, and don’t think you’re crazy for wanting to make a living out of doing it. It’s refreshing, it’s inspiring, and it’s always needed.
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Great Lengths - Life, Set Sail

Did I ever think I was the type of person to get hair extensions? No. Well, here I am…one of the many girls with extensions, turns out I had a pretty skewed idea of what they could be and now that I have them, sold. Now just over a month in, I wanted to share my experience with you!
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Metropolitan Museum - Life, Set Sail

Museums are interesting places…think about all of the people who’s lives are contained within the same walls, their history laid out for all to see and dissect. Now think about just one person, yourself even, and how much has happened in your short life. We all have history lying within us, history we can no longer touch but lives on forever in our memories.
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Williamsburg - Life, Set Sail

Here they are, the very first of our New York photos! It wasn’t the warmest of stays where the weather was concerned, but our quiet little B&B in Williamsburg made for such a peaceful stay that we didn’t mind one bit!
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