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Brooklyn Bridge - Life, Set Sail

It’s been a long time coming but it seems like Calgary is finally getting a hit of Spring this week (cue tears of joy). It has been a long, miserable Winter and the only thing that has been keeping me from going insane is giving my wardrobe a fresh makeover…hey, even if I can’t wear my cute Summer shorts just yet, they definitely give me something to look forward to!
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Eliza Faulkner - Life, Set Sail

Through the past couple of years I’ve spent blogging and documenting my outfits, I’ve been introduced to some pretty amazing Canadian talent on the designer scene. I’ve written a little bit about them here and there, but I really feel the pull to place more attention on these talented individuals here on LSS. So without further ado, let me have the pleasure of introducing you to Eliza Faulkner
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Genuine Health - Life, Set Sail

This past year has been kind of a roller coaster for me in basically…well all aspects of my life. So what do we do when we can’t control all that’s happening around us? For me I find it best to focus inwards, making sure I’m taking care of myself, on health, and doing all I can to be a better me! Easier said than done, am I right?

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Bethesda Terrace - Life, Set Sail

Before we left for New York, Justine pulled some photo inspiration for our shoots and one of those must shoot locations was here…Bethesda Terrace! I couldn’t even believe that something like this existed under a bridge in the middle of Central Park, and even though we couldn’t have asked for a more miserable day, I’m so glad we made it happen.
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