As many of you know, I’ve been trying to expand LSS outside the boundaries of just beauty blogging to also include a lot more fashion content as well. With that seems to come a whole new set of issues. One does not simply take a photo of their outfit. Remember the days when that was enough? No, these days everything has to be super stylized and perfect. If you don’t have a professional photographer at your disposal you have to fake it till you make it as hard as you can…

Denim Shirt - Life, Set Sail
Denim Shirt - Life, Set Sail
Denim Shirt - Life, Set Sail
Denim Shirt - Life, Set Sail
Denim Shirt - Life, Set Sail
Don’t get me wrong, as a perfectionist by nature I openly embrace the challenges of outfit of the day photographs (but I do have my moments) and by now I feel like I’m finally getting a little more comfortable shooting in public spaces…because as I’m sure any of you who are in the same boat know, it definitely takes some time getting used to.

So what do I have to offer up in form of tips and tricks? Let’s see…

Don’t Make Eye Contact
People will stare and it’s fine, they’re just curious. Though this may make you feel a little self-conscious I will promise you it’s a million times harder if you make eye contact. Just ignore them and go about your business.

Prepare Your Bag
If you’re shooting on location you are likely going to need to remember a few things. I always bring a pair of comfortable shoes if I’m going to be wearing heels. Even if you think you’re not going to be doing much walking you are going to want an extra pair to give your feet a break. On top of that you should bring along whatever makeup you’re going to need for touch-ups. If you’re prone to shine you may want to bring some powder, otherwise make sure you definitely bring your lipstick along to keep it looking fresh. Shooting more than one outfit? Bring a bold and a nude colour so you can switch things up between outfits. What you will bring obviously depends on your own needs so make sure you really think about things ahead of time so you’re not stuck wishing you had brought something along. Other useful items include a soft cloth to wipe down accessories, hand sanitizer and a water bottle.

Be Patient
We’ve all been there, you’ve got the perfect shot lined up and ding dong over there wont get out of the frame. Sure you can just take the photo anyway, but it will be so much better if you just wait. And if you’re the victim of purposeful photo-bombing don’t be afraid to tell perpetrator to move along!

Have Fun
I learned a long time ago that if you’re not happy it will definitely show in your photographs. My mom used to make me model vintage clothing for her eBay store and somedays it was truly horrifying. Hey, sometimes muumuu’s don’t make a girl feel that confident! Whatever it is, don’t take yourself too seriously. Smile, laugh, shake it out…whatever you have to do to avoid resting bitch face will likely be in your favour.

Location, Location, Location
Do your research! What kind of feel do you want your photographs to have? Does the locations theme and colours go well with the outfit you’ve chosen? Things always look a lot better when they mesh well. I generally like my photos to feel light and airy. I’m drawn to pastels and simplicity…can you tell? Location is probably the hardest part about shooting outdoors (next to what you will be wearing) so be sure to think about it well ahead of time.

What about you? Do you shoot in public? What is your biggest obstacle?

xx -b.

shirt (on sale): sam edelman // leggings: aritzia // earrings: coutu kitsch // shoes: borrowed
photos by anneke forbes

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