I fully realize that I have let things slip a little when it comes to posting frequently, and I promise it’s not just because I’m lazy. I actually have a lot to share with you all but am really trying to up the quality of the things I share here on LSS and, well, it just takes longer! Regardless, I promise I’m still here and loving what I do. For now, enjoy this roundup of things I’ve been loving lately…there are some real gems in there.

By Ollia Macarons and Tea - Life, Set Sail
By Ollia Macarons and Tea - Life, Set Sail
On Repeat
– Lana Del Rey’s High By The Beach
Coveting – the Aldo SORBARA bordeaux heels
DevouringBy Ollia french macarons
Inspired By – Gary Pepper The Happiest Hour
Crushing On – Scott Eastwood in Taylor Swift’s Wildest Dreams music video
Reading – useful blog tips from Chloé Digital
StalkingMargo & Me for fashion week coverage on snapchat
Watching – every single season of Scandal on Netflix
Wearing – the Pembroke sunglasses from Finlay and Co
Cooking – homemade pizza from the Smitten Kitchen cookbook

What have you been loving lately? I invite anyone who wants to create their own version of my list on their own blogs, and please link back to me if you do!

xx -b.

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