I’m all about figuring out the best ways to style second day hair without making it look like…well, second day hair. And what better way to fool the masses then with a quick blast of dry shampoo and a simple style adorned with a bow? Read on for the step-by-step tutorial.

Tied With A Bow - Life, Set Sail
Tied With A Bow - Life, Set Sail
Tied With A Bow - Life, Set Sail
Tied With A Bow - Life, Set Sail
Tied With A Bow - Life, Set Sail
Tied With A Bow - Life, Set Sail
1. Freshen Up
The quickest way to save a second day style is with some sort of dry shampoo. I love the Unite Texuriza Spray (seriously, I’m on my third bottle) because it has a little bit of dry shampoo in it which cuts down on the grease factor, but it also adds some fantastic texture and volume as well. It’s a fine-haired girls dream come true, I cannot rave about it enough! To apply I like to focus on my roots, lifting and spraying sections before I give everything a good tousle. The more you add, the more texture you get. Simple as that.

2. Part, Section
Since this particular look is a little bit retro, I love a middle part that shows off my longer bangs. However, where you decide to part is up to you, the main thing is that you pull back a good section of hair to start fashioning your style. I like to swept my hair from the top of my ears back to the middle of my head. If, like me, you still lack a bit of volume up top you can tease the hair around the crown of your head before continuing on to the next step.

3. Pin
Rather than tying the hair off here, I like to use a few bobby pins to secure my style. Doing things this way will insure that the glorious volume you’ve created will stay put.

4. Fashion Your Bow
With a piece of ribbon, fashion your bow until you’re happy with the way it looks. When it’s ready, slide a bobby pin into the back of the knot. You can then pop it into the back of your already pinned hair-do, just make sure you’re using bobby pins that blend into your natural hair colour.

5. Piece
To finish, use your favourite pomade to create a piecey look with the hair around your face. I’ve used the Unite Second Day Finishing Cream to work through sections I want to define or tame. This product in particular is great for adding a gentle hold to your style as well as taming frizz and adding in that second day texture.

And there we have it, a quick second day style that you can work into any look! If you aren’t loving the girly pink bow you can switch it up for a black one or even leave it out all together, it’s completely up to you! Want to dress it up even further? Top if off with a vintage brooch or a flowered barrette.

What do you think of today’s second day style? Is it one you’d recreate at home?

xx -b.

Thanks to Unite for partnering with me in this post!
-photos by milton photography

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