When it comes to beauty brands, Charlotte Tilbury’s has to definitely fall into my “most coveted” category. Her entire brand aesthetic and product range is one that just gets me. Today I wanted to talk about some recent products I’ve received from the Rock Chic collection and which ones are my absolute must-haves!

Charlotte Tilbury Rock Chick - Life, Set Sail
I am still fairly new to the Charlotte Tilbury line, so it’s been nice to get to test out a range of products lately. Before I tried anything I visited the CT YouTube channel and was delighted to find a look dedicated to exactly these products. In Charlotte’s How to create the Rock Chick Makeup Look video she offers two different ways to wear this look (day and night). I don’t know about you, but sometimes I feel a little overwhelmed with new products and a good way to get some inspiration is to look to other bloggers and YouTubers for their tips and tricks before I dive in!

My absolute favourite item of the lot has to be the Cheek to Chic Swish & Pop blush in First Love…what can I say, I’m a blush girl. I know the whole swish and pop technique is totally gimmicky, but the product itself is just beautiful and I love the peachy-brown colour of this shade too! Of course the packaging, as with all CT beauty products, is absolutely lust-worthy.

I’ve also really been loving the Lip Lustre in Blondie which I think has to be a universally flattering shade. Its fairly translucent peachy hue is packed with shimmer and great on it’s own, or to top off your lipstick. Both the Lip Cheat Pencil and K.I.S.S.I.N.G Lipstick shades I received suit it perfectly (Iconic Nude and Nude Kate). I don’t own a lot of nude lip products so it’s been fun trying something a bit more true nude than I’m used to. Both the pencil and the lipstick are nicely hydrating and creamy, allowing for no tugging on application.

As far as eyes go, the Feline Flick liner is quite a nice basic (felt tipped) liquid liner, though definitely not worth the splurge in my opinion. It retails for about $40 CAD, but I feel like I could get the same thing at the drug store for well under $15. That being said, I personally wouldn’t ever buy a liner over $25 because, let’s face it, the life expectancy of liquid liner is not long folks! I’m also pretty unimpressed with the Full Fat Lashes mascara, which retails for about the same price as the liner. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy using it, but for a completely different look. If you like simply enhancing your own lashes, this is a great option for you. It will separate and lengthen your lashes, but don’t expect anything dramatic (at least that’s the case with my personal experience). The one thing it does have going for it is that the tip of the wand it specifically designed to easily grasp the bottom lashes when used vertically, resulting in a doll-like effect.

Lastly, the Rock Chick eyeshadow palette is a great staple to have in your beauty arsenal for the quintessential smokey eye. You can wear just a couple of shades (the top two) for a subtle day-time look, or all together for a very glam evening look. The glittery shade has quite a bit of fall out, but is gorgeous placed in the centre of the lid for an extra added pop! The quality of the shadows is great with good pigmentation, lasting wear, and easy blending capabilities. If you really want to treat yourself, a CT eyeshadow palette is definitely something that wont disappoint!

Of course, how could I go without saying something about that adorable makeup bag!? I was in desperate need of a new one, and am now totally smitten with this. It can hold quite a lot of product and has an adorable design with lipstick kisses on one side and a quote on the other.

Have you tried any of these products? What’s your favourite item from the CT beauty range?

Stay tuned, I’ll be posting some looks with these products in the near future!

xx -b.

-photos by milton photography

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