Thanks to Celina for asking me to be apart of her recent tag post…there’s something about these types of posts that get me feeling so nostalgic for when I first started blogging and used to do them all the time, so I’m happy to see people creating their own and giving the good ol’ tag post a big of a much needed refresher! If you want a little peek into my daily routine, please read on!

Plaid - Life, Set Sail
Plaid - Life, Set Sail
1. What is your morning beauty routine?
If I’m just working from home I’ll wash my face and apply some oil or heavy moisturizer and balm, but if I’m out and about I’ll apply concealer, blush, some brow gel and a tinted lip balm. Unless I’m going to an event or meeting people I typically don’t wear a lot of makeup because I’m such a freak about taking good care of my skin.

2. What’s for breakfast? Usually some sort of egg dish, I love making scrambles with whatever I have on hand and topping it with avocado and hot sauce. If I’ve prepared ahead of time, I also enjoy homemade granola with plain yogurt and a little manuka honey.

3. Coffee or tea?
I’m a big tea drinker, but will occasionally have coffee. For morning tea, I drink Earl Grey or Orange Pekoe with a dash of milk and a little brown sugar. If I’m drinking coffee I use a French press and take it black.

4. How long does it take to get out the door?
However long I have! It doesn’t take me forever to get ready (unless I have to wash my hair), usually just 10-15 minutes including getting dressed and I usually wear the same thing haha. I’m a sucker for a comfy plaid top and joggers. The thing is, I really love the process of getting ready, especially doing my makeup, so if I’m given a lot of time I’ll probably use it all! The best part is when I’m going to events and I have an excuse to wear all the makeup I’ve been waiting to test-drive.

5. What is your go-to makeup look on a fuss-free morning?
I love a simple enhancing look with radiant skin and flushed cheeks. My go-tos include the Burberry Fresh Glow Luminous Fluid Base, the Make Up For Ever HD Concealer (in a correcting shade for my dark circles), the Stila Convertible Colour in Peony for my cheeks, the Hourglass Arch Brow Sculpting Pencil topped with the Urban Decay Brow Tamer clear brow gel. To finish, I use the Clarins Instant Light Lip Balm Perfector in Rose on my lips for a little colour and lots of healthy shine.

6. What is your evening beauty routine?
Remove makeup (if wearing) with Bioderma, cleanse, tone, moisturize. I have very dry skin so I usually moisturize with a balm or oil. My favourites are the Neal’s Yard Wild Rose Beauty Balm and the Pixi Rose Oil. For lips, I always use the Nuxe Rêve de Miel lip balm. I also apply a face mask every couple of days and whichever one I use will depend on what my skin needs that day.

7. Snack time! What’s in the bowl?
I don’t snack a lot, but if I need one during the day I will usually just grab whatever fruit we have like an apple or an orange. In the evenings (between dinner and bed) I love popcorn with butter and nutritional yeast, which I eat quite often. If you haven’t tried this combo before, you must!

8. How do you wind down and prep for bed?
My evening skincare routine gets me pretty relaxed, but sometimes I’ll do some light yoga/stretching and that always feels amazing before bed. I also really love oils like lavender or different rollerball blends that I can apply to my pulse points and those really help me to relax too.

9. Cozy up! What are you wearing to sleep?
I always wear my GAP Body boxers, which are so soft and cozy! I’ve had them for so many years I don’t even think they sell the same style anymore. On the top I wear a loose tee, my favourite is a really old RVCA one of Steven’s that has a skeleton astronaut on it and holes under the arms and around the belt area. I can’t seem to give it up!

10. What are some things you must do before hitting the hay?
I always apply extra moisturizer to my face, hands, feet, elbows and knees, and (of course) my favourite lip balm. I like to give my hair a good brush and get all the tangles out and sometimes apply a light oil to the ends as well. I always floss and brush my teeth before bed and poor myself a cold glass of water as I am always reaching for it throughout the night.

xx -b.

top: c/o gentle fawn // nail polish: burberry in stone
-photos by milton photography

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