Now that we’re fresh into a new year, most of us are thinking about ways we can better ourselves whether it be through resolutions or personal goals…we can’t help it! Much like everyone else I’m reflecting on all the positive changes I made last year and thinking of the ways I can continue to grow in 2017.

Ace Hotel - Life, Set Sail
Ace Hotel - Life, Set Sail
This time last year I made things super easy on myself and that was to simply try more new things. It sounds like nothing, but unless you have the right attitude it can actually feel like a real chore! For me, trying new things meant pushing away anxiety and doing my best to not overthink things…this is very very hard for me haha. I am a planner by nature, I don’t like feeling uncomfortable and my mind constantly seems to be filled with what-ifs.

Ace Hotel - Life, Set Sail
So what if I tried more new things? What if I said yes to opportunities that scared me instead of worrying about the details? Well, it turns out you can only grow from those experiences…who would’ve guessed!? Last year was the year of a lot of firsts for me and I’m not saying that all of them were good firsts, but I’ve certainly become a stronger person for simply putting myself out there.

Ace Hotel - Life, Set Sail
This year I plan to do much more of the same, to not worry so much about little details and just try to be the best me I can be. The best me is healthy, she makes time for the things that make her happy (dancing, eating out, travelling), she says yes to opportunities that scare her because she knows they will make her grow as an individual, and most importantly she stays true to herself and her dreams whether or not they are the more popular or logical ideals. The best me embraces every part of herself (including her flaws) and recognizes that each part is essential to who she is as a unique and creative individual.

Ace Hotel - Life, Set Sail
Ace Hotel - Life, Set Sail

I’m ready to leap into this year head first, to take chances and work on the things I love to do, starting with…a trip to New York! That’s right, if you didn’t catch it already, Justine and I are heading out in a couple of weeks for another adventure together! I can’t wait to get all kinds of crazy creative with her, who knows what will happen!

What are your plans for 2017, do you have any personal goals you want to accomplish this year?

xx -b.

photos by justine milton


  • Amber Marie
    January 2, 2017 at 12:45 AM

    I loved this post so much Brit! Very raw, very honest. Love. Let us all be the best we can be ?


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