I love meeting new people, scratch that…I love meeting creative people. There’s something about talking to another creative that I can’t get from anyone else. They just get it. They get why you’re so passionate about what you do, and don’t think you’re crazy for wanting to make a living out of doing it. It’s refreshing, it’s inspiring, and it’s always needed.

King Rosales x Life, Set Sail
I was so pleased when King reached out to shoot with me as I’ve been a fan of his work for quite some time now! If you just look at his Instagram account it’s clear that this guy has some serious talent. As I type this now we’ve already shot for a second time together and after getting this set back I am so so excited to see what’s next!

King Rosales x Life, Set Sail
We get these really weird things here called Chinooks (warm winds brought in from the mountains), where it makes the middle of Winter feel like Spring somedays…lucky for me these photos were taken on one of those warmer days! Any other day lately and I’d be three quarters covered in a parka, slopping around in my snow boots. Bleh.

King Rosales x Life, Set Sail
King Rosales x Life, Set Sail
I met up with King at Monogram coffee for a nice little chat before we started shooting…by the way, the downtown location is absolutely perfect for taking photos, such beautiful design and so much natural light! Seriously, it’s a dream. I’m surprised more of our local bloggers don’t abuse that opportunity!

King Rosales x Life, Set Sail
After that we took a stroll around Chinatown, which I’ll admit, I don’t hang around all that often. King is pretty handy with video so we decided to shoot a little something just for fun and I love the end result! I’ve been trying to do a bit more of this lately during my regular shoots, it’s just such a nice medium and really offers a different perspective!

What do you think, would you like to see more videos from me? Thanks so much to King for his amazing work (make sure to check him out)!

xx -b.

bomber: aritzia // tee: bratty enterprises // shirt: thrifted // boots: aldo
photos by king rosales

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