We’re going on a roaaaaad trip! Okay that’s technically a lie, but Justine and I drive SO much during our travels that they kind of feel like road trips. I know if she’s reading this right now shes probably  thinking *ahem, I’m the one that does all the driving Brit*, shh just shh.

Dinosaurs - Life, Set Sail

Palm Springs - Life, Set Sail
After MUCH debate, we have finally settled on a location and are making our way to Oregon next Tuesday! That means Portland, Canon Beach, hopefully some canyons and waterfalls…really excited about this one you guys. Well be working with some really awesome brands that I can’t wait to share with you – and bringing a ton of cute clothes so we can bang out shoot after shoot everyday (I think we average about 3-4 a day). Sunrises and sunsets make for the best light so we are going to have some long (but very much worth it) days ahead of us!

Palm Springs - Life, Set Sail
Dinosaurs - Life, Set Sail
I love trips with Justine because we are both so passionate about creating an experimenting…if you are not passionate about photography then you would absolutely hate travelling with us. Besides eat it’s basically all we do…shoot, drive, change, eat, repeat. I’m not even going to mention sleep because, let’s be honest, it’s very little on these trips.

Palm Springs - Life, Set Sail
If you have any recommendations of where we should go I would love to hear them – whether it’s locations, restaurants or cafes, or just places not to be missed, let me know!

xx -b.

photos by justine milton

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  • Anneke Forbes
    July 14, 2017 at 5:44 PM

    Any chance you’d like to bring an olive moto jacket with you? Let’s chat at dinner on Monday!


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