Fall came and went in a matter of about two weeks in Calgary, and while I feel slightly ripped off that I missed my chance taking photos of all the colourful leaves, I’ve been getting pretty excited about the new things that are going on right now…

Sue Moodie - Life, Set Sail
First things first, Cody and I moved into a new place last weekend! I’m so happy with all the space we have and the fact that we get a fresh start on a new place to make our own! I moved in with Cody a couple of months ago on the tail-end of his lease and things were, quite simply put, crowded…most of my own things had to go into storage. So, it feels really good to finally unpack everything and actually be able to find space for it all! Yes yes yes!

Sue Moodie - Life, Set Sail
I’ve been giving a few little sneak peaks of the new place over on my Instagram stories, but will definitely be doing a home feature once everything is organized – there is so much to do I can’t even handle it…okay that’s a lie, I love decorating haha. I’m thinking that I need to start a new home section on the blog soon, so, maybe weigh in on that and tell me if you think it’s a good idea or not!

Sue Moodie - Life, Set Sail
Sue Moodie - Life, Set Sail

Next up, I made a new friend! The lovely and fantastic Sue took these photos of me last week and I cannot get enough of them – those tones though. It’s always fun doing something different and I love meeting new people in the city and creating things together. We didn’t have much of a plan (just the way I like it), but I knew it would be the perfect opportunity to sport my new outfit from Shop Tobi.

I’m wearing the Knit While You’re Ahead Sweater with the Flounce Back Ruffle Shorts – okay so it may be a little chilly to be wearing shorts right now, but I easily got away with it by pairing with fishnet stockings and thigh high boots. Top with a toque and I’m basically ready for winter (don’t judge me). And how cute are those nails!? I know they’re more summery than anything, but with how awful it’s been outside lately, I wanted something that reminded me of better weather! As always, thank you to Esmé Beautiful for making my vision a reality.

Sue Moodie - Life, Set Sail
What have you been excited for this Fall? Have any tips on looking cute and actually staying warm? Hit me up!

xx -b.

top and bottoms: shop tobi // stacking rings: hart + stone // shoes: aldo // hat: aritzia // bag: gucci
photos by sue moodie

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