I was sent this gorgeous beach coverup from Koy Resort back in September, a little too late to wear in Calgary unfortunately, or so I thought. Eager to photograph it (despite the weather) I threw on my tallest boots and a felt hat for a session with Sue Moodie.

Koy Resort - Life, Set Sail
Though we may have been blessed with a warmer day, I was excited to see that I could totally restyle this piece to be better suited for fall. Realistically I would pair with the addition of tights and a blanket scarf, but sometimes (often) photos win over logic.

Koy Resort - Life, Set Sail
Koy Resort - Life, Set Sail
I absolutely cannot wait until Summer comes back and I can bust this out in it’s full glory, but for now I’ll enjoy the fact that I’m still getting use of of my Summer pieces in the dead of Winter (it’s actually only -8 out today so I really shouldn’t be complaining).

Side note, I have gotten a crazy amount of use from these boots from Aldo ever since I purchased them last fall…it almost makes me want to splurge on the Stuart Wiezman equivalent (but that price tag, ouch).

Koy Resort - Life, Set Sail
Koy Resort - Life, Set Sail-SueMoodiePhotography-LifeSetSail-Dress-26
Do you often restyle your Summer pieces for Fall? What’s the most creative thing you’ve come up with! I’d love to get some ideas to try for myself!

xx -b.

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