Back in February I had the pleasure off attending a media dinner for the grand re-opening of Cilantro, a well-established local restaurant here in Calgary, Alberta which first opened it’s doors 30 years ago!

The thing that stood out most to me during this evening was the flavour…my goodness, so much flavour in every single dish! While Calgary certainly has a plethora of new restaurants popping up everywhere with bright new concepts, the wonderful thing about Cilantro is it’s appreciation for the classics (served with a twist)! At Cilantro you will find many familiar dishes revamped in fresh, new, exciting ways…

I’ve dined at Cilantro pre-reopening a handful of times for special occasions – with the previous look and prices it was not somewhere I frequented often, but still very much enjoyed. Fast forward to now and I am finding myself there almost weekly! I love that the new renovations make the downstairs dining room upscale enough to feel special for date night, yet the upstairs  and outdoor patio are left for more casual dining. Similar with the decor, you will find menu items perfect for any occasion.

Another thing I’m excited to announce is the addition of HAPPY HOUR! Who doesn’t love a good happy hour after all? Cilantro’s current lineup is from 2-6 (Tuesday through Friday) and includes 9oz wine pours (for the price of a 6oz glass), plus $6 prosecco and aperol spritzes! Weekly features include $8 cocktails (with a twist) on Tuesday nights, chefs featured pasta on Wednesdays, and board night on Thursdays (charcuterie board and two glasses of wine for only $30)!

For anyone that hasn’t had the pleasure of experiencing the new Cilantro, GET ON IT! And take a recommendation from me, try the lemon conchiglietti pasta – it’s insane!

*this post has is sponsored, all opinions are my own 

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