I’ll admit, up until now I had never set foot in a butcher shop…and I bet I’m not the only one! Well it looks like Urban Butcher might have changed me, and definitely for the better!

I first had the pleasure of visiting Urban Butcher about a month ago now and was instantly impressed with the selection of meats offered – gorgeous fresh cuts (all naturally raised and free of antibiotics and hormones), a vast selection of sausages and bacon…my favourite being the roasted red pepper chicken sausage, which was so flavourful it’s insane. I love that they source from local farms so they can make sure the animals are raised humanely and sustainably.

If meat isn’t your jam (I suppose not everyone loves bbq, though I can’t imagine why) you will be delighted to find a beautiful selection of other kitchen staples perfect for your everyday meals! One of the things I was most excited about was finding farm fresh eggs – theirs are from Maple Hill Farms. On top of that, there are many different homemade jams (I destroyed an entire jar of bumbleberry so quickly it’s embarrassing), honeys, salts and spices, fresh bread,  pastas, sauces…the list goes on!

After my first visit, I was definitely looking forward to going back and trying so many other things! Since Summer has arrived, Cody and I have been cooking bbq most evenings and we are always on the hunt for delicious local meats to cook up. We love making simple meals with great cuts, a few skewers of vegetables and rice. It’s such an easy way to cook and we are always satisfied with such a well rounded meal.

Of course (like everyone else) I do love a good brunch too, and Urban Butcher is more than perfect for all of your brunching needs! One thing in particular I was impressed to find was many options for bacon, including not only your typical thin sliced style but thick cut back bacon and nitrate-free options as well!

Have you ever been to a butcher shop? If not I definitely recommend checking out Urban Butcher for yourself! You can find them in Misson, Willow Park, and at Granary Road Market! PLUS, we are running a giveaway over on my Instagram page to will ab $100 gift card to Urban Butcher!

*this post has is sponsored, all opinions are my own 

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