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There are certain shoots I look back on and just have to laugh…this is one of them. That night in Times Square our light broke, we forgot the memory card for our digital camera and we only shot about ten photos on the film camera. If you take a lot of your own photos or work with someone who does it for you, you can imagine how stressful this was for us!…

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Museums are interesting places…think about all of the people who’s lives are contained within the same walls, their history laid out for all to see and dissect. Now think about just one person, yourself even, and how much has happened in your short life. We all have history lying within us, history we can no longer touch but lives on forever in our memories.…

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If my lack of posting is any indication of how busy I’ve been, well, I think you get where I’m going with that…there has been a lot going on lately and some pretty exciting things in the works, so let me catch you up!…

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I am in love with the photos in this post, why? Obviously Justine is a very talented photographer, and the California sun certainly doesn’t hurt either, but the reason I love them so much is because of the clothes (which aren’t just any clothes). Let me explain……

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When I saw the lineup for Fortnight’s Autumn/Winter collection I knew I had to take some pieces to shoot on our trip down south. They are, in a word, perfect. I’m such a huge fan of this Toronto based brand for their very female friendly approach to lingerie, which is always comfortable, beautiful and (most importantly) functional……

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